It is one of the most famous and ancient passions from Ferrara… Zia is elegant and mighty and has always been the Ferrara’s Salami.
National pork meat mixed with white wine, salt and freshly pressed DOP Voghiera’s garlic, enclosed in the thick casing from which it takes the curious name and which favors the slow and homogeneous maturation of this salami.
Unmistakable feature of Zia is the inviting scent of garlic that is released when cut, soft slices of genuine flavor that come immediately to the nose and palate. Garlic, the link between ZIA and the territory, is, in fact, an ancient plant widely cultivated in the countryside of Ferrara, used in almost every dish of traditional cuisine.

Voghiera’s garlic has obtained the DOP recognition, for its ancient Estensi roots and for its beneficial and medicinal properties, it is also a powerful aphrodisiac.
Available in sizes kg. 1/3/5 or kg.0,500 vacuum packed
Gluten and lactose free.

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Salame Zia Ferrarese Piccola Meta’ S.V.

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Salame Zia Ferrarese Piccola

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