Salama Da Sugo I.G.P.

A passion that dates back to the Renaissance, the Salama da Sugo, the Queen of Ferrara, stands for history and tradition. A product that goes beyond the boundaries of gastronomy to become a talking-point, entertainment, a celebration.

A lot has been written about it- from its peasant origins and its later ascent to nobility, to the fascinating recipes that each Ferrara maker elaborates according to secret doses and proportions, up to the unusual and original combinations put forward by modern cuisine.

Difficult to figure out but easy to love, Salama da Sugo is strong and harsh in taste but has a soft and pleasant heart from which, as if by magic, an elegant and persuasive flavour emerges that will not pass unnoticed by any palate.
Much to our satisfaction, in the recent years, Salama da Sugo has been appreciated and sought for in several Italian regions by that segment of mature consumers who look for a different kind of scents and flavours, but more importantly, who can capture the fine features of this product.

To protect the prestige and uniqueness of Salama da Sugo, the European Economic Community has awarded it the IGP status, due to its close link with the region and its people, placing it among the top-level Italian specialities.
Flavoured with Sangiovese and rum

Two ways to taste tradition


Our “Salama da Sugo”

It belongs to the family of aged sausages, its peculiarity is that it must be cooked boiled in a pot for at least 5 hours.


Our cooked “IGP Salama”

It is sterilized at 120 °, a technique that allows its storage at room temperature for at least 18 months and guarantees integrity and hygiene of the product.