a History of People

Salumificio Zironi & C. is a Ferrara-headquartered company present on the food market since 1954. It produces fresh and cured sausages known in the area for their quality which translates into the right balance between tradition and innovation.

The company’s goals have always been to maintain the genuine characteristics of products, mainly by using only Italian meats stuffed into natural, hand-strung casings in order to maintain the typically artisanal appearance unaltered.
Continuous research added to attention to market needs has led us to make gluten- and lactose-free products, and with regard to fresh sausages, also without nitrites and nitrates.

And it is thanks to an efficient self-quality control system that our products, especially the fresh ones, are analysed weekly by authorised chemical laboratories, and undergo a sterilisation process at 120°, as it is the case of pre-cooked products.

Today the company’s main customers are groups belonging to hypermarkets and large-scale retailers in Emilia-Romagna and Veneto. Within this market the company has won its own space over the years as a valid alternative to a consumer segment that asks for taste over convenience.