Our Pancetta Pepata is wrapped in pure Pepper pearls and it is degreased to the heart and delicately flavored with natural aromas.
The pepper that wraps outside gives this product a particular delicacy of taste and a certain versatility in use, suitable for the preparation of cold dishes, for the filling of sandwiches and piadine, excellent as an ingredient to flavor hot meat and/or vegetable dishes.
Gluten and lactose free
Available in kg. 1/3 or Kg.0,500 sizes vacuum packed


The best known pancetta that has always been used and appreciated in every Italian region.
In the Ferrara tradition, this type of pancetta is flavoured with garlic, which makes this simple roll of genuine taste even more appetising and tempting.
Pancetta made from pork of domestic origin, fat-trimmed, trimmed and skinned, seasoned with salt and pepper, and rolled, aged for 60 days on average.
Weight: 3 kg

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Pancetta Pepata Affettata

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Pancetta Pepata Tranci S.V.

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Pancetta Arrotolata Tranci S.V.

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