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From an ancient recipe of native grandparents of Modena, the founders of the company, in our delicate knuckle is obtained from minced pork and national pork meat, expertly mixed with white wine, salt, pepper, flavored with nutmeg and stuffed into the skin of the pig’s leg and hand-tied. The exclusive recipe makes it pleasantly light and digestible.
Accompanied by the classic mashed potatoes, it is one of the best and most appetizing dishes ever.
Gluten and lactose free – Kg. 1 size


Salamina, as people from Ferrara love to call it, becomes Delicata, a unique product, to make discover and appreciate the flavors of our land to all palates, even the most delicate.
Obtained from the mixture of national pork meat combined with sangiovese wine and rum aged with salt, pepper, and stuffed into natural pig bladder, tied by hand.
Gluten and lactose free Kg. 0.700 size


This is Ferrara’s answer to cotechino, a product that is very similar in appearance but different in the dough, a mixture of lean national pork mixed with white wine, salt, pepper, and perfumed with natural garlic, stuffed into gut natural bovine.
The delicate salami from the pan is commonly called by the people of Ferrara “good salamino”, an adjective that attributes preciousness to the mixture from which it is obtained, thin therefore “good”.
Gluten and lactose free – 0.500 kg size


With this product you get exactly the center of flavour. The “heart” of Salamina is the result of our continuous search for excellence in taste combined with the ever increasing format and preparation practicality.
The Heart of Salamina is obtained from the central part of our delicate Salamina.
Gluten and lactose free – kg. 0,220 size

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