Classic Salami


Traditional medium-sized peasant salami, stuffed into natural pork casing, hand-tied, naturally aged.
Obtained from cuts of national pork, mixed with white wine, flavored with Voghiera’s garlic DOP.
A precious characteristic of this product is the grinding of the dough which highlights the quality of the raw material, selected risk-cleaned meats.
Also available in a garlic-free version.
Gluten and lactose free.
Available in Kg. 0,850 or Kg.0,400 sizes
Vacuum packed


It is called ‘family-type salami’ because it is well known and has been consumed for ages in every Ferrara family. In fact, it is only made in a version in which fresh garlic is added.
Made from medium/finely ground mixes of pork meat of Italian origin, wrapped into natural casings, hand-tied and aged for 30 days on average.
Gluten and lactose free.
Kg.0.6/Kg.1.2 sizes


Delicate, sweet but tasty, this salami is obtained by grinding selected meat of pork of Italian origin, mixed with white wine, salt and spices; no artificial flavourings added.
Wrapped in natural bovine casing, hand-tied and aged for around 30 days.
Gluten and lactose free.

Kg.1.2 size


Available with or without garlic, the Migliarino salami is a pleasing homage to the small town of the province from which it takes its name.
All the features of the classic salami from Ferrara, in a mini-format.

Gluten and lactose free.
Kg.0.3 size


Mix of medium-ground meat of pork of Italian origin, mixed with white wine and salt, slightly perfumed with garlic, stuffed into sheep natural casings.
Gluten and lactose free.


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