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A simple salami made from a mixture of medium-grained Italian selected meats, mixed with red wine flavored with fresh Voghiera’s DOP garlic, salt and pepper.
Slices of ancient, genuine and appetizing flavor it is the homemade salami by definition.
The micro-perforated paper package guarantees hygiene, protects the environment and limits weight loss.
Gluten and lactose free
Kg.0,600 size
Contains no preservatives


Its high-sounding name was deliberately chosen to express in one word the unmistakable origin and the concept of exclusivity that it encompasses.
The noblest parts of the pork are carefully selected, mixed with spices, Sangiovese wine and rum, which merge into a single and grandiose explosion of real pleasure.
The prolonged natural ageing gives the Borgia a uniform maturation, an elegant taste salami.
Gluten and lactose free – Kg. 0.500 size


Intense and full-bodied taste, ancient perfumes of genuine tradition, the cutting Salamina da is a valid alternative to the classic sliced ​​salami, it features antipasti and cold dishes and it is refined accompanied by melon or figs. Obtained from the mixture of national pork meat, add to sangiovese and rum wine aged with sale, pepper, and stuffed into a natural pork bladder, hand tied and aged for an average of 60 days.
Gluten and lactose free – Kg. 0.850 size

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