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Salami with italian selected meat


Its grand-sounding name was deliberately chosen to express in just one word its unequivocal origin and the concept of exclusivity that name implies.
The best-quality parts of pork meat are carefully selected, mixed with spices, Sangiovese wine and rum, which blend into a unique, grand explosion of true pleasure.
A prolonged, natural aging gives the Borgia a uniform maturation, where the aromas become alive.
Gluten and lactose free Kg.0.60


Italian selected meat, medium-ground and seasoned with salt, pepper and mixed with Sangiovese wine.
Bright red, delicate and sweet in taste, a salami like no any other with intense aftertaste.
Pairs well with piadina, as they share the same homeland; simple and straight flavours.
Gluten and lactose free – Kg.0.8


Easy to eat and light, carefully selected meats, finely-ground, delicately seasoned and with no flavourings added, “Giusto” is a welcome novelty.
Gluten and lactose free – Kg.0.5


Intense and full-bodied taste, smells of genuine ancient tradition, the Salamina da taglio is a valid alternative to classic sliced cured meats. It enhances appetizers and cold dishes; a refined touch accompanied by melon or figs.
Made from a mix of pork meat of Italian origin mixed with Sangiovese wine and rum, flavoured with salt and pepper, and stuffed into natural pig bladder, hand-tied and aged for 60 days on average.
Gluten and lactose free – Kg.0.85

Our exclusive products

Salami with italian selected meat

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